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Mystery Grab Bag!

$ 6.25

I pick the polish, you get a great deal!

Pick as many as you want! Only $6.25 each plus shipping. (full size bottles)

Get a great deal! But don't worry about getting duplicates! If you have ordered from me before, or you order multiple grab bags you will not receive any polishes that you already purchased!

All Grab Bag polishes are new and unused and have product and name labels

Pictures are of some of the possible colors that are available. I can't guarantee a specific color or take special requests. Here is a current list of some of the available colors:

Epic, Rare , Uncommon, Vendor Trash, Rebel Scum, The Dark Side, Artoo, BB-8, Starlite, Cosmic String, Master Chief, Chaurus egg, BoneMeal, Firesalts, Moon Sugar, Nirnroot, Cranberry, Bubblegum, Sugared Violets, Soap, Honey, Orange Marmalade, Dirty Socks, Dirt, Bogey, Sardines, Dead, Pool, Hearts, Star, Horseshoes, Clovers, Blue Moons, Pots of Gold, Rainbows, Red Balloons, Elsa, Jayme, Space Invaders, Betas (prototype unreleased polishes) 

Polishes listed in the main part of my shop are not available in the Grab Bags.

All nail polishes are 5 free they contain No Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor. Also nothing I make is ever ever ever tested on animals and my suppliers promise not to test on animals either.

Tip: Allow each coat to dry before applying the next
Use a quality base coat and top coat such as Out the Door, Seche Vite, Gelous, or Sally Hansen's InstiDri Top Coat.

LevelUp Lacquer is not affiliated with any trademark, it's owners or subsidiaries in any way. This product is not produced, licensed, approved or sanctioned by the trademark owner.

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