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Glitter Polish Tips!

Glitter polish

Hello All,

I have been asked some questions about glitter nail polish. 

Here are some helpful hints. 

Shake the polish well. If the polish has large glitter, place the polish upside down on your work surface for a few minutes before starting.


Swirl the brush inside the bottle and get more big glitters on your brush.


Apply glitter with a light hand. Pushing too hard on the nail surface will cause the glitter to drag and bunch. Use a "dabbing" motion instead of your typical swipe.

Allow polish to dry in between coats.

Always use a high quality topcoat to even out glitter and get a nice smooth surface.

Glitter nail polish is a bit harder to remove than cream or jelly polish. 

I prefer the "foil method"

Dip a cotton ball in polish remover and place on nail. Wrap tip in aluminum foil and make sure it's sealed well. Repeat for all nails. Leave on nails for 3-5 min. Pull cotton ball and foil off nail. Most of the glitter will wipe away easily. Clean up remaining glitter.

I am working on videos. They will be on YouTube Soon :) 





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